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Our Year / 52 Songs + Lyric Booklet With Notes

This includes the 52 songs we released in 2013. Includes 320 kbps mp3s and a lyric booklet with notes on the songs from Luke and Chip.

Our Year
American Dream (feat. Young Summer)
Let Me Be The One
House Of Love
Can You Feel My Love?
Queen Of My Heart
No Time For Fear
A Smile Upon My Face (feat. Jeza)
Night After Night (feat. Mary Ann Redmond)
Laughter (feat. Boots Factor and lots of fans)
Minnesota (feat. Young Summer)
Gimme You (feat. Scott Simons)
I Want You Anyway (feat. Cassidy Ford)
Hearts On The Line (feat. Jeza)
Nothing If Not Your Man (feat. Mike Meadows)
Talk About Love (feat. Jon Carroll)
I Got A Light
City Of Refuge (feat. lots of fans)
Lover Of My Soul
When All Is Lost In Fire
Living Proof
Laura Lee
Days Go By
Sing For You
Dreaming Man (feat. Todd Wright)
Surrounds You
Treasure You (feat. Eileen Graham)
All Yours
Beside The Dying Fire
Where I Can’t Follow
One True Thing
Blood Red Moon
Feel All Right
Upside Down
Every Day
Jesus Told You To
Hold On To The Mystery
She’s The One
What’s My Name (feat. Mary Ann Redmond)
Who I Am To You (feat. Taylor Carson)
Out Of This Valley (feat. Eileen Graham and lots of fans)
Higher And Higher (feat. Eric Donnelly)
Little Sara (feat. Kit Karlson)